Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miters on My Mind

So.  I've had miters on my mind for a long time now.  Specifically, a blanket.  This blanket from my all-time favorite knitting book, Mason-Dixon Knitting - the Mitered Square Blanket.

I've been wanting to do this blanket for a long time and periodically, I would look at the finished projects on Ravelry.  I've even collected a small stash of Takhi Cotton, mostly leftovers from Ballband Washcloth kits from my LYS and a couple of skeins I added onto a order of yarn a while back.

I spent hours on Ravelry and boy, was that a mistake.  The more I looked, the more mired down in indecision I became.  Should I use different colors like I'd planned (juicy and blah's per Kay's suggestion in the book)?   Or should I use light and dark colors in the same color family?  Or should I use only one color for the contrasting stripes?  Or should I use(fill in the blank)?  My head was spinning! 

Then a few weeks ago, I had the thought that maybe I should knit a mitered square BEFORE commiting to an entire blanket.  And I am knitting squares for Blankets for Birmingham so this would be perfect!  Kill two squares in one knit!  I copied and pasted the pattern onto one sheet (personal use only), got out my Peaches & Creme and started knitting.  I learned three things:  1)  I love knitting miters, 2) I need to enlarge the instructions, 3) I need new glasses - ok I knew this one already, but whatever. 

Today, I made a decision.  I'm making it all different colors.  Since, I've been knitting the log cabin blankets, I've made some happy color discoveries.  And that's what I hope happens with this mitered blanket.  Stay tuned.  I hope to get started soon.

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