Monday, April 25, 2011

I've Got A Plan

First of all, an update.  Remember how in my last post, I was swatching for THREE different projects?  Well, I came home that night and didn't finish swatching or start any of them!  Instead, I worked on my Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors for Walker and then I cast on this:

The Nordic Cowl, a free pattern from my LYS in Cascade Eco Duo, one of the softest wools ever.  The best thing about this pattern?  No gauge-no swatching!  I have to admit that I was rather nervous if it would go over my head or not.  I do wish though, that I had cast off in pattern.  I did complete the baby booties and I've started the Multnomah. 

Now......back to the Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors and my plan.  I am down to the borders!!  Check this out!  One side is complete and I'm working on the second side.

So.  The plan is to get up a few minutes early every morning and complete one row.  Just one row.  My calculations show that if I do this, I should finish by the end of May with time to spare.

Other projects on the needles or in line:  Peapod and diaper covers for Elizabeth's photograhy business, a Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors for Tristan, Multnomah for me, and Linny Wrap for me.