Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Log Cabiney Goodness

Remember Walker's Blankie of Many Colors that I've been blabbering talking about?  Well, it is finished.  I finished it this morning before getting ready for work.

Disclaimer:  If it looks lumpy, it's because the grass needs to be mowed.  And this is before it's spin in the washer.  James Spann is predicting showers coming up later in the week and I wanted to get the picture while the sun was still shining!

Last night, as I knit the last couple of rows, and then this morning, as I bound off the last few stitches and sewed the corners, I realized with suprise that I was sad to see this blanket finished.  It's been like an old friend this year.  As I knit, I reflected on the past year. 

I started off last June with enthusiam never dreaming it would take almost a year to finish!  My plan was to get it done by the end of summer   In July, I went to Kentucky to visit the little fellow who's getting this, to see his big brother, and to meet his new little brother.  I took this blanket and my basket of yarn with me.  Walker,  2, grabbed the yarn from my basket, shouted "balls", and threw them with glee across the living room.  His mother and grandmother chose colors for logs (navy and gold).  August found my uncle in the hospital with my Dad having to stay most nights (my uncle has demetia).  So,  I stayed those nights with my Mother.  I worked on the blanket intermittently at home since it was too big by then to tote back and forth.  I took other projects to work on at her house.  September was the same.  It was a long hospitalization for my uncle.  October, November, and December found me knee-deep in Christmas knitting.  In January, I vowed to finish it and I worked on it every now and again through February and March.   In April, I found my log cabin groove again and worked on it in earnest.  Then, on April 27, the tornadoes hit Alabama.  When the power came back on days later, I knit, my hands moving of their own accord.  The steady rhythm, that is garter stitch, was comforting and healing. 

So, now it is May and the blanket is finished.  I hope that Walker finds as much joy and comfort from this blanket as I have. 

Today, I'm really glad that I've already started another one.  This one will be for Walker's little brother, Tristan.  I am determined that Liam, Walker, and Tristan will get their blankets for Christmas! 

It's coming right along!

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Love your colors! Wondering, what yarn was used?