Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Comfort Knitting

I've been doing comfort knitting lately. I've been sick with a cold which has made for a foggy brain. So....I've gotten a lot done on the Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors (the second) from the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book . All those rows of garter stitch - the ultimate in comfort knitting! Last Saturday, I felt so bad that I just sat on the couch in my jammies, watched a The Nanny marathon and garter-stitched away! I'm on the 7th row of strips now so the rows have gotten really long. Here's a look:
And, I've been doing some comfort knitting my friend, Bonnie. Her mother died on Sunday so I am knitting a scarf for her. While knitting, I am thinking about Mrs. Evelyn so in a way, it is a comfort for me too. I'm using just a simple feather and fan stitch and am using Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Baby Suri Silk. I've never used this before and it is so soft and absolutely GLORIOUS to the touch and to the eye. You really can't tell in the picture but it is a beautiful mix of reds, corals, golds, teals, and browns. It is colorway 06 and is called "Red Rover". I've only just started and I'm looking forward to the seeing what it looks like completed.

Happy Knitting!