Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blanket Squares! Mother and I are making blanket squares for Blankets for Birmingham.  She's crocheting and I'm knitting.  She likes to say that we're making squares.  But I like to say that we're making a blanket.  So far, we have 33 squares and we're still countin'. 

That stack on the left is Mother's and the stack on the right is mine.  So far, it's
Mother 27   Me 6  for a total of 33.  This doesn't count the squares that she's made since Sunday!

Mother says that she can't work (clean up debris) or hold how to cook anymore but she CAN crochet squares for a blanket.  So, that's what she's been doing.  I keep telling her that there'll be a blanket made of up of just "Mom" squares. 

If you'd like to join us in knitting or crocheting a square,  here are the specs:
8x8 inches (or there 'bouts)
cotton yarn

Send to Elizabeth over at Trailing Yarn or you can send to me and I'll make sure that Elizabeth gets them.

Now, gotta go knit a square!

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