Friday, December 16, 2011

A Must Enter Contest

Elizabeth of Liz Thomas Photography is having a contest over on her blog, Three Boys and a Thousand Hills.  You'll need to scroll down to the November 26th post for details (I know, I'm a little behind here).  Elizabeth is my friend, cousin, mother of my three favorite fellas, and photographer extraordinaire.

I just love Elizabeth's work.  I really do.  Her studio is the farm where she lives or the village nearby and I'm not sure how she does it, but her work always looks fresh and different.  She just doesn't take pictures, she tells a story.  I'm ever amazed at her ability to capture the soul and the spirit of the people she photographs.

This past fall, I got to be Elizabeth's assistant for an afternoon shoot.  Since then, I've decided that when I retire, I want to be her assistant.  I just love this photo from that afternoon!  Doesn't it look like it belongs in Southern Living?

Back to the contest, she has some fabulous prizes to give away!  And one of them just happens to be a custom child's hat made by Graves Gap Knitting!  Two of the options are the pumpkin one pictured above or the striped one below.

Oh, and before I forget, Elizabeth says that if anyone in Alabama wins the mini session, it can be scheduled the next time she comes home to Alabama.  Personally, I think it would be well worth the trip to Kentucky.  But then again, I'm always looking for a reason to see the fellas!

When you enter the contest, please be sure and let Elizabeth know that you heard about the contest here.  And if you win a prize, be sure to let me know.  Good luck!

All photos used with permision of Liz Thomas Photography.

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