Sunday, June 3, 2012

Startitis to Overwhelmed to Sane Again

I'm sorry for the long silence ya'll.  At the beginning of May, I had a severe case of startitis which went right into being so overwhelmed that I was feeling frazzled which just made me feel frazzled in general.  Sound familiar?  Here's what I had going on:

The pink in the front is Mable, a baby sweater I'm making for a friend's new granddaugther to be.  I watched the daughter growing up so it's a pleasure to knit for her baby.  Moving on to the left is the Mohair Bias Loop.  I'm still not sure why I thought it'd be a good idea to join the Churchmouse KAL on Ravelry when I had so much other knitting going on.  Moving along is the Mitered Square Blanket.  And then Liberty.  Liberty has been languishing in my knitting bag since the end of February/first of March.  But it is becoming fairly well travelled.  It has travelled in my knitting bag to work, to Mother's hospital room, to the ER with my dad, a sacred harp singing in Nauvoo, AL, the knit shop in Cahaba Heights, and to Nashville.  I'm thinking of making a map of Liberty's travels.  And finally, the Easy Folded Poncho which just needs to be seamed.  Not shown in the picture are the two Baby Kimonos and baby hats I was making for a friend's new twin granddaughters.  The Kimonos needed seaming and ribbon closures and one hat had to be made. 

On Mother's Day weekend, I had an epiphany.  I needed to set priorities.  And the first priority was to finish the twins' kimonos and hats.  (The color isn't showing up well here but it's called Rosebud-I used Berroco Comfort)

Since setting priorities, things are going along much better. The next thing that has a deadline is Mable since baby Cadance is due at the end of this month.

By the way, I'm curious.  What are your "go-to" baby gifts?  I'm looking for mine but haven't found it so far. If I'm short on time, I make three hats in Comfort Chunky.  Right now, I'm experimenting with sweaters but I'm not sure that's gonna be it.

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