Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reading and Knitting

Have you read Ann Shayne’s new novel, Bowling Avenue?  If not, hop on over to and check it out.  While you’re there, you can read the first chapter and get ordering information (you can also order from Books-a-Million). 

The novel is set during Nashville’s Great Flood and is about family.  Having read Mason-Dixon Knitting for years, I was familiar with Ann’s writing style.  And I was delighted to find Ann’s delightful turn of phrase and downright Southerness.  Oh, and you’ll find knitting in there too.  I found myself downright envying Ginna’s yarn stash. 

All the time I was reading, I kept thinking I should be knitting, so somewhere about half-way through Bowling Avenue, I found the perfect knit -the cowl from Churchmouse’s Easy Folded Poncho (I knit it separate from the poncho).  Round and round I knit, with my Nook propped on the arm of the sofa, pausing only to turn the page.  Before I realized it, I was finished with the book and the cowl.  It was a bit of a let down to be finished with the book (and the cowl).

In other knitting news, Mable.  I’m happy to report that it appears that both sleeves are the same length!  But I have a confession…..I’ve never sewn in sleeves so I’ve scheduled a private lesson at my LYS last Saturday morning to get some help.  Robin was a great teacher and made learning to put in sleeves fun.  

And of course, I did some shopping while I was there!  Mignon, Loop's new baby cardigan, came home with me along with some beautiful Cascade Ultra Pima.  The photo doesn't do justice at all.  The color is a beautiful, vibrant coral color (color #3767-Deep Coral).  So far, everyone's who seen it remarks on how beautiful the color is.  And the yarn is just a joy to knit.

There was a lot of talk (and some knitting) of Dull Roar's Bad Oyster in the shop and I decided that I needed to try it too so I bought the pattern and some Malabrigo Sock Yarn.

 So, there's a lot of new going on in my house.  Learning to put in sleeves, learning to make cables, and I'll be doing my first steek with Bad Oyster.  Exciting stuff, for sure.

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