Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Really Fun Knit

Knitting is fun to me.  But sometimes, there is a project that just has an extra spark of joy.  The one  that makes you smile every time you pick it up to work on it.  The one you just can't put down.  Here's mine - Pepperberry Love by my LYS owner, Donna Higgins. 

I was gifted the pattern and a Fun Size Bundle of 100% cashmere by Pepperberry Knits (now Lux Adorna Knits) by a very generous non-knitting friend for Christmas.  The colorway is a custom colorway for In The Making.  This stuff is absolutely luscious  to knit with and I am loving it.  The only thing I can think of that would be better than knitting with it is wearing it.

This cowl is much longer than usual so as to use up every last bit of the yarn.  Once I got past the usual height of a cowl, I am happy to keep on knitting.  This is one of those fun, no rules knit.  Before I started, I laid out the yarn and planned it all out but I made some last minute changes along the way.

If you see me wearing this every day, you'll know why.  It's all that cashmere yumminess.

Happy Knitting!

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