Monday, March 21, 2011

Betwixt and Between

Swatching.  That's what I did yesterday afternoon while sitting on my parent's sofa.  I couldn't decide between what I should be knitting/need to be knitting/want to be knitting.  So I swatched for all three!
The dark green was for Multnomah, the pink for Little Bit Baby Booties, and the mango for the Mitered Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

After all that swatching, what I ended up knitting on last night was Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors for Walker.
I'm down to the last log on this colorful log cabin blanket and all I've knit on for a while is half row here and a half row there.  Granted, each row is like going to Kentucky and back, which is where this blanket will be going when it's finished.  So, at least some progress was made last night.

I'm still betwixt and between tonight so I think I'll work on the log cabin again for a while.  Maybe as I'm doing endless garter stitch, I'll be able to decide what I'd like my "take along" project to be.

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