Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Christmas was exciting this year! We had a white Christmas for the first time that I can remember. I was reminded of song from Alabama "Christmas in Dixie. It's snowin' in the pines"

On January 10, I awoke to this! Almost 3 inches of snow! Well, actually a snow sandwich. There was a layer of ice, snow, and then more ice. Work was closed that day so a lot of knitting got done!

Knitting Content
Everyone who received a hand-knit Christmas gift really seemed to like their special handknit.
So far, this month,
- I've started a Linny Wrap, a house pattern from my LYS (In The Making), and ripped it out and restarted it several times. Hopefully, there will be no more ripping out. It's from a gorgeous crimson cashmere/silk lace weight that I bought on sale at In the Making and a cranberry mohair. Wonderfully soft!
-Made 3 overdue Christmas Hats for a friends children from Berroco Comfort. I'm using the wonderful House Hat Worksheet from my LYS.
-A pair of worsted weight socks using scrap wool and a pattern from Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks.
-Started another Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors from Mason-Dixon Knitting using Peaches & Creme. This will be my take along project until it gets too big to take along.
-Made 2 baby hats this weekend from Berroco Comfort and about to start on a third for a baby shower next Sunday. I would have liked to have made a blanket for her but I didn't receive the invitation until last Thursday.
Looking at my list of knitting, I see that I've done more than I think!

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